Which are the best locations to buy luxury apartments in Noida?

Noida enjoys the reputation of being the most flourishing real estate market in the Delhi NCR. It is known as the largest industrial city in India. With the passing time, property in Noida has experienced a boom. Noida has a mix of affordable and luxury apartments in the market. The property market in Noida has turned out to be so lucrative for investors that currently many NRI investors are interested in investing in Noida.
Let us delve into some the prominent localities in Noida, which are offering luxurious flats-

  • Greater Noida Expressway- This is the most famous location in Noida. The average rate of the property here is Rs4, 800 per sq ft. This locality is recommended for retired people, couples and families. The market trends are showing that the demand for properties will soon pick up in Noida. The luxury apartments will cost you around Rs 1.60-3.75 crore.
  • Noida Extension-Noida extension is developing wing of the Gautam Buddha Nagar where fresh stocks of housing residential are coming up. Currently, this is accessible via roadways. There is an influx of people so the development of the infrastructure will also pick up. Since most of the construction is under process, it will witness price rise in the near future. The current rates of the properties are Rs 3,206 per sq ft, which is comparatively cheap. Noida extension is the place for investment.
  • Sector- 100- Noida Sector 100 is one of the most elite localities. This locality has several luxury apartments, which are ready for possession. Social infrastructures are well developed in this area. The average rate of the luxury apartments in this area is Rs 1.50 crore.
  • Sector 137- At present Noida sector 137 has only one premium project in the construction phase. The average rate of the luxury houses in this area is in a range of Rs 60 lac -1.4 crore.

These are some of the localities, which provide the best luxury apartments in Noida. Every locality that we have listed above has something unique to offer to the homebuyers.



New Indian Made Product May Influence Property in Noida

Electric cars and bikes could change the image of Delhi and bestow upon property in Noida a positive sentiment. Already the air of New Delhi is among the most polluted in the country and thus far electric cars seem too distant to make an appreciable difference in the quality of air that Delhiites breathe. However, one Pune based startup has put on the market what is probably the first electric bike produced by an Indian company, the name of the bike is Tork T6X and it is an electric bike which can travel one hundred kilometers on a single charge and has a top speed of one hundred kilometers as well. This is likely to be great news for environmentalists who mourn the impact of global warming but feel powerless to change things. As many of those with a similar bent of mind tend to be young and worry about what kind of world they are leaving behind for their children, the Tork T6X is likely to find a ready market. The fuel savings are also likely to attract other buyers who live in affordable housing in Noida.

This is a reason to feel pride for many Indians as it is a first and has been accomplished by a domestic startup. While Honda or Harley-Davidson could also easily produce an electric bike, the fact that Tork is an Indian bike may allow many to test the quality of an Indian-made electric bike. If the bike resonates with young buyers Indians may say that their time has come and that a product made in India by an Indian startup is as good as any made in the world.


While the Hike messenger marketed itself as an Indian messenger, Indians have repeatedly shown that they are unmoved by patriotic sentiment when it comes to their wallet. The Hike messenger never quite took off as the developers no doubt expected it too largely due to better services provided by its competitors. Earlier this year Indians had anticipated another reason to cheer as the Freedom 251 was launched yet this also proved to be a failure and despite all the hype surrounding the launch of the cheapest smartphone in the world, little mention is made of it today. Builders in Noida with a large workforce may have benefited from such an inexpensive smartphone and could have provided it to their workers at an even lower cost not only to improve sentiment but also to ensure timely arrival and to check on progress on specific tasks.


If the Tork proves to be a top notch product than Tork Motorcycles, the owner of the company, may give competitors in the segment a run for their money, if it is a failure it could provide valuable expertise to the creators of the bike and help them move on to other projects which are more likely to succeed. Even those who live in luxurious 4 BHK flats in Noida may purchase the Tork motorcycle for the sake of novelty as did many twenty years ago when BMW launched a bike for 5 lakhs, a considerable sum at the time. Some of the best builders in the world are in India and all across the world the prowess of Indian builders is well known, these very builders are behind erecting some of the best residential projects in Noida. Granted many such builders, the ones who do the manual work, are not very well educated yet they are experts in their craft and are diligent workers. With such a wealth of expertise in so many diverse occupations, it’s about time an Indian product such as the Tork creates a name for itself globally.


Real Estate Trends in India

Over the past three years, cities across India have seen the capital value of their real estate fall dramatically. However, there is good reason to be bullish concerning real estate trends in India over the next few decades. While the rise of India may not be occurring as a linear trajectory, as with most nations starting from a low economic base, growth in India will also have a greater upward than downward trend for many years to come. There may be potholes along the way, but the larger trend in both equities and real estate will be markedly upward than bearish.click here for more



Noida enjoys a robust realty market

Noida is a growing real estate market. It has experienced tremendous revivals over the last two decades with development in infrastructure status, amenities and a strong civic framework. And now since the new government is in place and several regulations pertaining to the industry are eased, there is an increase in the number of newly launched 2 BHK flats for sale in Noida. Ample availability of land for development is the main reason why developers choose Noida over Gurgaon. Since the latter is already developed up to the brim, builders have to look for other land options which they easily get in Noida and Greater Noida. These areas are still in the development stage and this is the reason why they garner higher value appreciation as compared to other parts of the National Capital Region (NCR). Real estate in Noida overwhelms with good scores.


Now that the real estate bill has been received with a positive nod from the parliament, the process of property purchase has become more transparent. As a result, domestic as well as NRI investors are showing renewed interest in 3 BHK Apartments in Noida. Other factors that contribute towards the growth of the market include the extension of Delhi Metro to far-off corners of Noida and Greater Noida. Moreover, the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) plans to set up its own power plant in the area which would ensure an uninterrupted power supply to the region. Connectivity with Ghaziabad and Faridabad has also increased via the FNG Corridor. The upcoming developments like Taj Economic Zone and the Export Promotion Zone along the Yamuna Expressway will also give a push to commercial activities in Noida. All these positive factors together become the major drivers of attracting investors interest in Noida. Real estate in Noida booms.


Initially, Noida was known for its affordable real estate market and the low pricing was also one of the major drivers. Though it is still comparatively affordable, this does not mean that it is not posh. Builders are also coming up with premium 4 BHK flats in Noida targeted at the upper-end buyers who are ready to spare some extra amount for the opulence. Real estate is a sector that sees more ups and downs than any other industry. One has to exercise caution and wit while making an investment in the property market. Noida is one such market that has several advantages and minimum downsides. A strong physical and civic infrastructure, better connectivity and high growth prospects make Noida a preferred investment destination. Upcoming projects in Noida sees popularity.


Noida is a growing real estate market. It has experienced tremendous revivals over the last two decades with development in infrastructure status, amenities and a strong civic framework. And now since the new government is in place and several regulations pertaining to the industry are eased, there is an increase in the number of newly launched 2 BHK flats for sale in Noida. Ample availability of land for development is the main reason why developers choose Noida over Gurgaon. Since the latter is already developed up to the brim, builders have to look for other real estate options which they easily get in Noida and Greater Noida. These areas are still in the development stage and this is the reason why they garner higher value appreciation as compared to other parts of the National Capital Region (NCR). Upcoming projects in Noida grows high.


Planning to invest in the real estate market?

There are many residential and commercial projects that are being developed in the Noida city. So if you are planning to invest in the real estate market, Noida provides the best option for you as it offers immense investment opportunities for everyone. One can check out the best property deals and can earn extremely good profits in return. It is not only the buyers of residential complexes who are getting attracted towards Noida but also the big businesses, startup companies and many multinational corporations who are building up their permanent base in Noida and Greater Noida West. real estate in noida has become one of the top real estate markets in the country. Many people are shifting their base from Delhi as it has become much more crowded, congested and polluted in comparison to the lush green confinement of the Noida city.

Check out for the investment options in Noida

  • Noida’s connectivity to Delhi, Gurgaon, metro connectivity and extremely good infrastructure facilities has made both the living and working experience outstanding in the NCR region.
  • Due to the availability of high quality office space at affordable cost, it is becoming a lucrative option for all those companies who are looking to set up their base in Noida.
  • The real east market in Noida has gained rapid momentum over the past few years and is still growing at a fast rate.
  • Noida being one of the best planned cities in Asia has attracted the attention of millions worldwide to come up and invest.
  • Noida has already become the third largest IT hub and home to 50 IT and ITES MNC’s.
  • Noida itself is accounting for 10 % of the total Indian exports and Noida city has already become the preferred international business hub.
  • With the better water, electricity supply, planned infrastructure, better connectivity it has more scope for appreciation and also offers high returns on investment.

Most preferred commercial and residential hub

The residential projects in Noida offers excellent connectivity, shopping centers, schools, luxurious amenities and has been carefully designed to allow maxim ventilation with all the innovative world class features. Over a period of time, Noida has become the most preferred commercial as well as the residential hub. Due to the high investment of IT and ITES companies in the city, the demand for high end commercial complexes is increasing day by day. It is expected that that Noida would have foreign direct investment worth 30,000 cores in the coming few years.

World class amenities at the best prices

Top notch developers from all over the world are coming for construction of highly innovative and world class residential and commercial complexes and are going to provide world class amenities at the best prices. With the efforts of the developers, Noida is already being transformed into the next generation international business hub and it is the best option for all those who are looking to buy property in Noida as it will surely impart better appreciation and returns on the investments.



Possible Introduction of Helicopter Money Great News for Flats in Noida

Helicopter cash in created nations can have an effect upon pads in Noida in positive ways. One of the top worldwide financial specialists has commented that created economies may soon fall back on such great measures to attempt and increment interest for products in created nations. Helicopter cash is attributed straightforwardly to shopper’s financial balances expanding their obtaining force and impelling interest merchandise inside an economy. While financing costs are as of now low or even negative in specific economies, by infusing cash straightforwardly into the ledgers of family units, customers are relied upon to expand acquiring merchandise prompting expanded monetary movement and more noteworthy deals for organizations. Low-loan costs consolidated with helicopter cash builds the liquidity in a business sector; nonetheless, helicopter cash’s effect can be moved far superior than the QE strategies as of now being sought after by national investors for real estate. While national banks over the globe are occupied with quantitative facilitating (QE), which is basically cash printing, the effect of helicopter cash can be controlled with surgical accuracy. Quantitative facilitating brings about the buy of advantages which keep the estimation of such resources from dropping in quality while in the meantime infusing the estimation of such resources into the economy as capital. Consequently the capital used to purchase vexed resources streams into money related instruments, for example, stocks raising their cost; subsequently the stock exchange in the US is at new highs. In any case while QE drives cash to stream into capital markets, Helicopter Money drives cash specifically under the control of purchasers and wherever else appropriate keeping in mind the end goal to goad monetary movement.


Direct capital infusions can be focused to be as decisively as laser bars and may prompt the development of new foundation ventures in created economies if required. Such speculations dependably look good for monetary action. Moreover, as loan fees stay low in remote nations and outside purchasers may have more cash in their financial balances because of helicopter cash, remote speculators are manipulated to look for business sectors which have higher loan costs and therefore cash from abroad should likely stream into the coffers of developers in Noida from abroad family’s quick to put resources into new undertakings in Noida. As pumping extra cash under the control of customers (Helicopter Money) and low-loan costs mean lower capital returns for outside financial specialists, capital surges to business sectors, for example, India where returns are higher is inescapable. A lot of this cash would stream into private property in Noida and into private property crosswise over India. Specifically, extravagance lofts in Noida may witness more noteworthy request especially from abroad financial specialists and NRI’s as the estimation of extravagance condo is inclined to more honed cost increments than is the estimation of moderate flats in Noida.


Direct capital infusions into an economy (helicopter cash) in the event that it is sought after should flag the disappointment of money related strategy (QE) to realize hearty financial development. Helicopter cash had been upheld by Paul Krugman a Nobel Peace Prize laureate a couple of years back. At the point when such a strategy is sought after it will imply that created economies over the globe might start financial jolt; basically spending on vast foundation ventures. Buyers too should get an immediate infusion of capital into their financial balances. Governments trust that helicopter cash might influence shoppers to shop all the more subsequently expanding financial movement in a nation. A significant part of the overabundance capital from the mix of low-loan costs and more prominent liquidity from helicopter cash should stream into rising economies driving up costs of stocks as well as of properties in Noida and in other huge land markets in India.4-bhk-flats-in-noida1

Real estate in Noida boasts of a robust market

Real estate in Noida has witnessed a lot of positive sentiment in the recent past with a good number of buyers, investors and end users showcasing their interest in investing in Noida Property. The following factors have been instrumental in fueling the demand of property here.

Robust Social and Physical Infrastructure

The city boasts of an excellent social and physical infrastructure with plethora of reputed hospitals, prestigious colleges, banks and much more. The city enjoys a dynamic lifestyle quotient with the presence of several malls, shopping complexes, clubs, restaurants, water park and many more. The major attraction of Noida is that it is a well-planned city and boasts of an amazing infrastructure. Roads are good and well maintained and also has ample of greenery in the city. People enjoy living in the heart of bustling amidst tranquility.

Excellent Connectivity

The best thing about Noida is that it offers robust road and metro connectivity. Metro rail services offers smooth and easy access to the commuters travelling both from Delhi and Gurgaon. The DND flyover over the Yamuna River offers a quick, hassle free commute to South Delhi in a very less period of time.  Yamuna Expressway provides uninterrupted commute to Greater Noida and Dadri and National Highway-24 provides an easy access to Ghaziabad.  Property in Noida has captured a handsome traction bagged by improved connectivity that also helps in decongesting traffic.

Affordable prices

Property in Noida offers a frugal investment as prices of the property are quite low when compared to other parts of NCR.  This is why most of the buyers prefer to invest in Noida Property as it is not a very expensive buy for the middle class segments or upper middle class. Even extravagant luxury apartments and plots are available within vicinity at slightly lesser prices than others parts of NCR such as Gurgaon.

Excellent return of Investments

As Noida is growing at a scorching pace, any property investment in the present date promises to fetch whopping returns in future. The growing industrialization and developing infrastructure have been instrumental in changing the demand dynamics of the city.

Ample of options

Real estate in Noida includes all types of housing from affordable segments, studio apartments to luxury apartments and villas. The city offers host of options available at pocket friendly prices. The configurations that have seen the maximum demand in the recent past are 2, 3 and 4 BHK mainly because of its affordability and good quality.

Reputed Builders

Many real estate players have entered into the market and presence of some of the most reputed builders has increased the attractiveness of the city. They are demonstrating excellent record of delivering quality and state of the art residential projects which makes a great bet for early investors and end users.

Meticulous residential projects

Real estate in Noida has seen plethora of state of the art projects that offers world class amenities and extravagant infrastructure. The amazing cash back offers and attractive payment plan makes the deal lucrative for the prospective buyers and other property seekers.real estate developers in noida

Real Estate in Noida

Whereas governments in other suburbs of the NCR may be taking steps, either intentionally or unintentionally, to bolster real estate in their respective region, it seems that authorities in Noida may be making real estate in Noida more expensive for buyers and may eventually lead Noida to lose some of its appeal as an affordable locality to own real estate in the NCR. Recent decisions by authorities in Noida to hike the land allotment rate as well as stamp duty is expected to hurt market sentiments perhaps dangerously enough to shift investment intended towards property in Noida to other regions of the National Capital Region.best property in noida


Such decisions, in a part of the capital region which is largely considered a magnate for first time homebuyers seeking an affordable first home, hurts the sentiment that property in Noida is more promising when catering to the masses of the NCR. Whereas property in New Delhi is well out reach of many in the capital and owning a home in the other promising suburb of the NCR in Haryana too has become costly, Noida presented itself as a great alternative to middle class households than regions with much more extravagantly priced homes.


Newcomers to the NCR would often be chided that settling down in Delhi is no joke, yet settling down and purchasing property in residential projects in Noida was largely considered less daunting and this suburb seemed to welcome migrants and first time homebuyers with grace and affability. The recent decisions by concerned authorities may harm the current hallowed status Noida and its surroundings regions enjoy as providing affordable homes in a region of the country where prices of real estate are rapidly becoming unaffordable to newcomers.


The impact of the decision is likely to affect the price of flats in Noida as well as add additional burdens on builders in Noida who may now have to concern themselves with higher land allotment rates in addition to already higher input costs and higher costs for machinery and equipment as well. Real estate developers in Noida are almost certain to pass on such additional costs to the consumer making real estate in Noida more expensive to end users seeking property in the suburb.


As opposed to many other parts of the capital region, Noida caters to end users and Greater Noida in particular is already well known as a preferred location for homebuyers seeking inexpensive lodgings. The decision to increase the stamp duty in Noida by two percent is likely to prove pernicious to residents of the city many of whom are paying a month EMI for upcoming projects in Noida the completion of which has possibly be postponed several times while at the same time these homebuyers are paying rent for their current home. By increasing the stamp duty by 2 percent such a homebuyer has to bear an addition burden in addition to many of the others he or she has to somehow accommodate for.


Such significant policy changes at a time when builders are already coping with additional challenges such as delays in the completion of a large number of residential projects in Noida shall likely harm real estate in the region. If the concerned government authority deems such changes necessarily for the fulfillment of a new mandate, perhaps such measures may be introduced at a more opportune time when there may not be so many unalterable additional pressures upon builders in Noida.