Trump and Clinton Victories Impact on Real Estate in Gurgaon

The outcome of the presidential election in the US is certainly going to impact India and real estate in Gurgaon as well. There are today differing perspectives on who will eventually become the most powerful man or woman on Earth. While many are certain that Hillary Clinton will win by a wide margin, others claim that Donald Trump is gaining on her with increasing poll numbers while some seasoned political minds even claim that Donald Trump will win this election. The impact on India and indeed on the globe will be felt as soon as the winner is elected. A win for Hillary Clinton will likely be good news for India’s economy and many who live in luxury apartments in Gurgaon are likely to breathe a sigh of relief if she wins. The reason that a Clinton victory will evoke optimism is that her policies are largely understood and predictable. As a matter of fact if Hillary Clinton wins then there may be jubilation across much of the globe as many global citizens and big business feel more certain of her policies as drivers of economic growth. A Clinton victory will mean far less uncertainty for business and finance globally. A Trump victory is likely to make many adopt a wait and watch stance until the trump administration reveals its intent which may mean a disavowal of global trends which have been shaping commerce over the past four decades.

Builders in Gurgaon are likely to root for Hillary and bemoan Trump. Even Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton had an excellent personal image in India despite have placed sanctions on India after the nuclear tests in 1998. The Clintons are widely admired and loved by Indians and it’s no wonder than Hillary Clinton is remarked as the Senator from Punjab due to her close associations with the Sikh community in America. Recent scathing attacks on Hillary from Trump claim that her policies led to thousands of American jobs to be given to the Indian tech giants TCS and HCL who egregiously used legal loopholes to replace Americans at top US corporations. Furthermore, Trump’s campaign is making claims that the Clintons took money from both TCS and HCL in the form of donations to the Clinton Foundation and for making speeches at events under the management of TCS and HCL. Understandably Clinton’s campaign has also launched an attack on Trumps business practices showing his preference of non-American labor.  Manufacturers in India may lose out if Trump is elected and puts in place policies to bring overseas jobs back to America. Top builders in Gurgaon may have to resort to sourcing materials such as windows from a different country than from which they do today, especially when China is changing its growth model from an export driven one to one based on domestic consumption which may put less emphasis on cheap exports in favor of higher quality products for domestic companies. If Trump wins, affordable flats in Gurgaon may become more expensive due to higher construction costs. And the building of residential projects in Gurgaon overall may fall due to lower demand for homes as many well-paying jobs are insourced back to the US. for more real estate info


Top property websites in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, the Millennium city that comes under the National Capital Region (NCR) and lies around 35 km away from Delhi and it is a district that comes under the Haryana state. Earlier the city was popular with the name of Guru-Grams but after the setup of Indian automobile manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India Limited in the city in 1970, the city had registered massive growth in the corporate sector. Following this Gurgaon has witnessed rapid increment in the field of information technology, multinational companies and expanded its roots in other sectors also. In earlier time Gurgaon lacked behind in terms of infrastructure and modern living style but with the help of best real estate facilities it has developed far much better than other cities.

Best Real Estate in Gurgaon:

One of the major factor behind the tremendous economic growth of Gurgaon is because the presence of Best real estate in Gurgaon that made Gurgaon to become a centre hub of MNC’s, software companies, telecom companies, shopping malls, multiplexes, call centers and skyscrapers. Also in recent times Gurgaon has registered itself as the city with third highest per capita income in India.

Property and Real Estate in Gurgaon

It is always good to analyze things before taking any action. So in that way it is also good to search online about the property that you are going to buy or sell, by doing this you can be updated with the current market value of that property and can get better knowledge regarding that project. Moreover, it not difficult nowadays as there are so many websites around us that are ready to help anyone.

If you are looking to buy any residential property in Gurgaon like a 2BHK or 3BHK flat or interested to buy a flat on rent then your search ends here. Because today websites like magicbricks, 99acres are ready to help you with their great services offers among them you can select a residential and commercial property as well of your choice a. Along with residential and commercial properties business real estate also has become a one of the booming sectors in India post declaration of 100 smart cities project. Considering the reports of property and real estate in India it is also witnessed that property buyers or real estate owners do an extensive research online before raising a fund to purchase a home or a property to get the best property.

Here we have compile few websites for you to cover all kinds of information that can be relevant with your requirements and needs. It will be helpful in your search and will help you in decide whether it will be good for you to buy or sell the property. It makes very easy for you to buy or sell property online with covering all the points and reduces your work. Few of the websites also offers online consultancy that can give you the better knowledge of what you are going to buy and also enhances the buying experience of the buyers.                  affordable-housing-in-gurgaon

Real Estate in India and Property in India

Real Estate in India:

In India the real estate sector is one of the most globally recognized and fast developing sectors that comprise four different sectors in it: housing, retail, hospitality and commercial. If we talk about employment also then real estate provides huge number of employments to the people every year. Real estate in India it is the second largest employer leading after agriculture and is showing a constantly improvement in the field of employment. The growth of this sector is directly proportional to the growth of corporate sectors, housing projects and the demands for offices, malls as well. It can also be expected that this sector will gain more investment by the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) in both the short term and long term and if we evaluate the current scenario of real estate then it can be seen that Bangalore is at the top most followed by Pune, Ahemdabad, Chennai and Delhi.

Over the decades India has witnessed a huge growth in the real estate sector with the increasing demand of housing properties, IT companies and demands for office as well.  According to the reports that are released in recent times, it can be seen that the major investors like Mr Nandan Nilekani, co-founder of Infosys Limited, Piramal Fund Managements, Tata Capital, the financial services arm of Tata Group invested a huge amount in real estate funds and also planning to raise their fund.

Property in India:

If we talk about the main reason of rapidly increasing prices of properties in India, then one of the main reasons is that in India it is a growing trend that people want to buy a property for their children’s because with time passing by the prices of property are rising drastically. Moreover, investing in property has become a future savings as every year the price just doubles.

Is Investing in residential property is a good idea?

If we see from both the investor’s point of view and the real estate owner’s point of view, then in our country more than the commercial properties it is the residential property that are in demand. It is not just because the people want to invest their money for saving buying land it is because of the growing urbanization and modern life style. Today people are more inclined towards the latest living facilities, modern amenities and best accommodations that are the one major reason of the growth of real estate and property in India.

Now people are wishing to buy properties in metro cities or in the area nearby to these near cities so they can have easy access to all the facilities like transport, it companies, hospitals and malls.  In our country Mumbai is considered as the number one city in the terms of investment in any sector. So all in all it is good to invest in residential property.



Planning to invest in the real estate market?

There are many residential and commercial projects that are being developed in the Noida city. So if you are planning to invest in the real estate market, Noida provides the best option for you as it offers immense investment opportunities for everyone. One can check out the best property deals and can earn extremely good profits in return. It is not only the buyers of residential complexes who are getting attracted towards Noida but also the big businesses, startup companies and many multinational corporations who are building up their permanent base in Noida and Greater Noida West. real estate in noida has become one of the top real estate markets in the country. Many people are shifting their base from Delhi as it has become much more crowded, congested and polluted in comparison to the lush green confinement of the Noida city.

Check out for the investment options in Noida

  • Noida’s connectivity to Delhi, Gurgaon, metro connectivity and extremely good infrastructure facilities has made both the living and working experience outstanding in the NCR region.
  • Due to the availability of high quality office space at affordable cost, it is becoming a lucrative option for all those companies who are looking to set up their base in Noida.
  • The real east market in Noida has gained rapid momentum over the past few years and is still growing at a fast rate.
  • Noida being one of the best planned cities in Asia has attracted the attention of millions worldwide to come up and invest.
  • Noida has already become the third largest IT hub and home to 50 IT and ITES MNC’s.
  • Noida itself is accounting for 10 % of the total Indian exports and Noida city has already become the preferred international business hub.
  • With the better water, electricity supply, planned infrastructure, better connectivity it has more scope for appreciation and also offers high returns on investment.

Most preferred commercial and residential hub

The residential projects in Noida offers excellent connectivity, shopping centers, schools, luxurious amenities and has been carefully designed to allow maxim ventilation with all the innovative world class features. Over a period of time, Noida has become the most preferred commercial as well as the residential hub. Due to the high investment of IT and ITES companies in the city, the demand for high end commercial complexes is increasing day by day. It is expected that that Noida would have foreign direct investment worth 30,000 cores in the coming few years.

World class amenities at the best prices

Top notch developers from all over the world are coming for construction of highly innovative and world class residential and commercial complexes and are going to provide world class amenities at the best prices. With the efforts of the developers, Noida is already being transformed into the next generation international business hub and it is the best option for all those who are looking to buy property in Noida as it will surely impart better appreciation and returns on the investments.



Gurgaon Aiming to be Named as the Boss of Smart Cities Project

The growing demand in real estate sector is a clear indication that the industry is only going to perish within the next five years. The way things have been progressing in this sector is enough to calculate the level of evolution, which is going to help industry professionals to predict the next movement by buyers as well as developers. Gurgaon in particular is proving out to be a benchmark for real estate sector in India as it has been on the forefront of developments. The city is not just a landmark for various realty projects and advancements but also a paradise for those who wish to start out new ventures here.

Some of the latest trends have given shape to this sudden rise of the city and here are a few examples of how future investments are picking up pace-

Separate Infrastructure

Ever since Gurgaon has become independent and away from the hustle bustle of other locations such as Delhi and Noida, the city has shown tremendous advancements. Not just in the domain of real estate but also as a metropolitan location, Gurgaon is becoming a smart city with hopes to showcase extreme progress over the next few years. After becoming a city with its own IT hub in the form of Cyber City, Gurgaon has become a place where many of the organizations have established their corporate offices. Hence, with the help of such modern-day expansion plans, it won’t be too late when Gurgaon would be declared a prime location to invest money.

Luxurious Projects

It is true that affordable housing projects are in demand these days in almost every city, but the luxury housing sector is also not far behind. The projects being started and introduced by builders these days are in sync with the rapid demand in plush properties in India. High-rise buildings and penthouses are now selling out fast and one of the reasons is the interest of global investors all across the world. There are many buyers outside India who are considering this place for their future investments so that they can also settle down here after a few years. Therefore, the luxury housing industry is also revving up and standing in front of the game.

Proximity to Entertainment

Gurgaon’s proximity to different sub-locations such as malls and multiplexes is an example for other cities to expand their infrastructure in the same manner. Most of the properties in Gurgaon are surrounded by many of the entertainment and relaxation hubs for nearby residents. The reasons are enough for a common man to consider the city and make investments to make Gurgaon their future homes. There are already many families that have shifted their permanent locations from Delhi to Gurgaon so that they can enjoy the benefits of a luxurious city.

With the help of aforementioned trends, we can evaluate that buying property in Gurgaon is surely a profitable deal. The city comes as a complete package where a mid-segment property is also built with most of the necessities and other services of a luxury property as well. This has largely helped in the decision making process of buyers who can now easily select a suitable home according to their requirements and budget.

All in all, Gurgaon is a place where the entire region of Delhi-NCR can find its stepping stone to become one of the most desirable regions of India. for more blogs


What makes India’s real estate market sustainable for future?

Before elaborating about how real estate in India has picked up momentum over the past few years, it is also important to take into account the factors affecting its growth. Since the past five years India has not only been an active player in this competition but also a leading economy, which is not shying away from trying new methods leading to its development. Although, the country’s overall performance has not always been impressive, its real estate expansion has now become quite lucrative with the help of new reforms and government legislations.

Here are a few key points that define the current mechanism of buying property in India and how it affects forthcoming plans of establishing property business in the country-

Role of ruling organizations and government

The government of India is striving to bring about much-needed changes in the realty industry of the country. The governing bodies have been doing so by introducing new legislatures every now and then and making them mandatory for developers to follow. This has particularly been done to ensure a safe and secure future for buyers who are burning a hole in their pockets with such investments. Therefore, in this situation as that of India’s, responsibility of government becomes ten times crucial and that is the reason we need more reforms operating for the development of India’s economy through its realty market.


Expansion plans as per different cities

While evaluating and planning country’s future prospects it is important to measure development process as per different cities, especially the metropolitans. It is because of the fact that these cities have a lot to contribute to India’s economical structure and will continue to do so in coming years as well. In this situation, there needs to be a thorough planning, which requires a real estate layout designed specifically for different locations. This is going to prove beneficial not just for buyers but also for the developers who are making ends meet to make more revenues by-the-day.


Role of global investors

We all are aware of the fact that India has never been a shy country when it comes to getting investments from different other countries. This simply means that the country has always been a hot spot for global investors who are trying to set a foothold in India and make money out of it. This process has become quite common these days wherein people from different other locations are showing interest in investing in the most luxurious property segments of India. Needless to say, this has helped the country to build a platform for investors from all across the world and become a hub of real estate industry.

For those who have always been skeptical about buying a property anytime soon, should definitely give it a try. Also, with the help of property websites in India the hunting process has become fairly easy and completely at ease. What one has to do is to simply logon to a leading real estate portal and fill in their search criteria according to the requirements. The process is very easy to comprehend where you will also receive regular updates about the latest news and updates about real estate in India.


Hence, whatever that has been stopping you from buying a property should no more be a reason for a slowdown. Make proper research and invest in your favorite location today!

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Advantages of investing in Gurgaon real estate market

Investing in a property is a very important decision of one’s life, so it very important to follow a correct method to get the right kind of property for yourself. Whenever you think of any investment, the very first thing that comes to your mind is where to invest. One must know all the advantages of investing in a particular place or a city. It is important to find out the future growth and other prospects of the city too. Gurgaon has appeared to be one of the most sought after destinations in India when it comes to realty investment. The city has captured a significant traction amongst the buyers and a great number of reputed builders are also showcasing their interest to launch residential projects in Gurgaon


Captured below are the advantages of investing in Gurgaon real estate market

Major IT Hub

Gurgaon has emerged as one of the major IT hubs of India with presence of several multinational corporations and other blue chips. This has led to its popularity among real estate developers in Gurgaon and property investors. Further, one can easily find skilled manpower, as the city lies in close proximity to cities like Delhi, Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad.


Excellent Infrastructure

Gurgaon has seen significant development in infrastructure over the past few years which has also promoted others growths in this areas. Areas such as Dwarka Expressway, Sohna Road, and Golf Course Extension are some good areas in Gurgaon where property investors can expect good return on investment (ROI). Backed by these advantages, significant investment upsurge has been seen in residential property in Gurgaon.

Extensive Transport Network

Apart from benefits that Gurgaon offers from economic standpoint, the city offers hosts of other benefits too. The major highlight of this satellite town is its ability to link via Delhi Metro and Rapid Metro System. Apart from this, it has standard private shuttles and bus routes that provide transport from the city to other nearby areas of Delhi. Further, you’ll get seamless connectivity in the form of metro services. The city also offers effortless connectivity to NH-8. Thus, the city boasts of an excellent road and metro connectivity.  Availability of an entire array of social amenities such as extravagant malls, mouthwatering restaurants and other food chains, shopping complexes and various hang out spots tends to attracts investors from all across the country and abroad. The city also offers perfect hang out destinations to spend a fun filled weekend or a day. Various supermarkets and foreign and nationalized banks are in close proximity. This means one can avail an easy access of all the basic facilities without travelling to far off destinations.


Excellent Drainage and parking system

Gurgaon appears to be a flourished and well maintained city that offers everything from excellent electricity or water supply, a good sewage or drainage system and adequate parking spaces, public sidewalks, decent roads and excellent facilities of public transportation.

Quality Education

When people think of investing in any particular property, they also make a point to opt for areas that are located in close to good schools. Gurgaon also appears to be a favourite destination for investors because the city hosts some of the most reputed and good schools in the NCR Region. The city also enjoys the presence of various engineering management colleges and other technical institutes.


High Return on Investment

As the city is growing at a scorching pace and with many reputed companies shifting their focus here, demand for residential property in Gurgaon is very high. It is also expected to fetch high return on Investment in near future.

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