– Mid Segment Projects in India

Propchill is a real estate platform which has been developed to offer ‘Property Selection’ a structured approach from an investor’s perspective. it has been developed over an amount of 2 years and unlike other real estate portals it doesn’t merely give listings of properties /projects. It is Real Estate trends in india , It caters for features that enable a user/investor to compare Projects/Properties across 5 independent verticals, namely, Design, Specifications, Conveniences, propinquity (location) and price.

logoPropChill provides an investor a structured approach to property shortlisting, with digital tools to carry out in-depth analysis of Top Residential real estate in India , cross 5 independent verticals of Design, Specifications, Conveniences, Propinquity and Cost. Properties can be compared across all these verticals through graphs and matrices. Ratings have been carried out across all these verticals based on proprietary algorithms which take into consideration 100+ facets of the property. Property can be compared within a city or across cities. For a larger picture ‘insights’ has been developed which give out the ‘Liveability Index’ of various cities in India. It is based on 6 independent pillars and accounts for 50+ facets of the cities. The analysis has a drilled down approach, starting at the level of India and going down to the localities. Call us- 0124-4370612