Real estate in Noida boasts of a robust market

Real estate in Noida has witnessed a lot of positive sentiment in the recent past with a good number of buyers, investors and end users showcasing their interest in investing in Noida Property. The following factors have been instrumental in fueling the demand of property here.

Robust Social and Physical Infrastructure

The city boasts of an excellent social and physical infrastructure with plethora of reputed hospitals, prestigious colleges, banks and much more. The city enjoys a dynamic lifestyle quotient with the presence of several malls, shopping complexes, clubs, restaurants, water park and many more. The major attraction of Noida is that it is a well-planned city and boasts of an amazing infrastructure. Roads are good and well maintained and also has ample of greenery in the city. People enjoy living in the heart of bustling amidst tranquility.

Excellent Connectivity

The best thing about Noida is that it offers robust road and metro connectivity. Metro rail services offers smooth and easy access to the commuters travelling both from Delhi and Gurgaon. The DND flyover over the Yamuna River offers a quick, hassle free commute to South Delhi in a very less period of time.  Yamuna Expressway provides uninterrupted commute to Greater Noida and Dadri and National Highway-24 provides an easy access to Ghaziabad.  Property in Noida has captured a handsome traction bagged by improved connectivity that also helps in decongesting traffic.

Affordable prices

Property in Noida offers a frugal investment as prices of the property are quite low when compared to other parts of NCR.  This is why most of the buyers prefer to invest in Noida Property as it is not a very expensive buy for the middle class segments or upper middle class. Even extravagant luxury apartments and plots are available within vicinity at slightly lesser prices than others parts of NCR such as Gurgaon.

Excellent return of Investments

As Noida is growing at a scorching pace, any property investment in the present date promises to fetch whopping returns in future. The growing industrialization and developing infrastructure have been instrumental in changing the demand dynamics of the city.

Ample of options

Real estate in Noida includes all types of housing from affordable segments, studio apartments to luxury apartments and villas. The city offers host of options available at pocket friendly prices. The configurations that have seen the maximum demand in the recent past are 2, 3 and 4 BHK mainly because of its affordability and good quality.

Reputed Builders

Many real estate players have entered into the market and presence of some of the most reputed builders has increased the attractiveness of the city. They are demonstrating excellent record of delivering quality and state of the art residential projects which makes a great bet for early investors and end users.

Meticulous residential projects

Real estate in Noida has seen plethora of state of the art projects that offers world class amenities and extravagant infrastructure. The amazing cash back offers and attractive payment plan makes the deal lucrative for the prospective buyers and other property seekers.real estate developers in noida


Real estate in gurgaon gains momentum

Gurgaon has emerged as a leading financial and commercial centre of India. The city has gained momentum due to the presence of several blue chip companies and other MNC’s. It is a real estate hub that brings forward the opportunity to buy affordable and luxurious modern homes and experience a comfortable liproperty in indiaving. The city seems to be an ideal location from both the buyer as well as the investors point. The city was developed primarily as an IT and BPO business center and it has successfully captured quite a few of the fortune 500 companies in North India. The city also boasts of a vast and amazing cosmopolitan population from all across India and overseas.

Since the past few years this place has appeared to be one of the most preferred destinations. With the coming up of many multinational companies, it has become the work hub. People from far off places are coming and settling down in Gurgaon. It provides all the necessary amenities such as schools, hospitals, commercial centers and much more. The modern infrastructure available here is a key factor that drives people to buy residential properties here. The kind of developments coming up here makes it much easier for us to choose.

Gurgaon has some of the best properties by some of the most developed builders and one can explore the best living options. This is the place where you can get anything easily that you wish for. Some of the locations in Gurgaon offer the most alluring property deals. The properties here seem to be profitable for the potential investors. This location proves to be beneficial for the people who are looking for best investment deals in NCR.

With the coming up of metro, it has become easy to travel to the city. Due to its easy connectivity with the national capital along with the International Airport being located in Gurgaon it has become the preferred residential location.

One can also find the best malls, theatres, etc here. The city not only offers amazing deals to own residential properties in India but also the commercial ones. Corporate offices of many leading brands are located here. The city has appeared as one of most lucrative destinations to work and live in. It is a millennium city which has emerged as one of the most promising destinations for investors. It has appeared as one of the best locations in India to start an industry.

It has a stable law and order set up, backed with tranquil environment and modern facilities.

The coming up of monorail will connect Gurgaon to Faridabad and will benefit commuters but will hugely impact the real estate sector.

Future Implications of an Uptick in Demand for Commercial Property in Gurgaon

It looks like things may be slowly turning around for property in Gurgaon according to experts who claim that the recent uptick in the demand for commercial space in Gurgaon is likely to bode well for rentals in Gurgaon and may also result in greater demand for flats in Gurgaon. Actually an increase in demand for commercial property in Gurgaon is good news not just for Gurgaon but for the entire NCR at large. Increased demand for commercial space indicates a likely increase in employment opportunities, the news may be particularly beneficial as commercial space in Gurgaon is among the most expensive in the NCR and an increased demand for the same likely means larger than average capital inflows into Gurgaon with the end result that many such organizations which are opening new offices are likely to pay employees greater than average salaries.


As many employees prefer to live near where they work such news augurs well for those with properties in residential projects in Gurgaon as more than likely they can expect greater demand for their homes from renters. The demand for more commercial property in Gurgaon may also be good news for those who earn money selling upcoming projects in Gurgaon as the new workers who shall now work at Gurgaon may desire to own their own property in the future to ease their daily commute. Such news is likely to be well received by builders in Gurgaon as well who may see signs of a revival in the city’s real estate market as demand from new migrant’s increases alongside the increased demand for commercial space in the city.


Perhaps a subtler outcome of the increased demand for commercial property in Gurgaon could very well be that much of the residential property Gurgaon is likely to appreciate due to greater overall demand, if a city experiences an increase in population than it is axiomatic that demand for homes in the city too shall increase. That such an increase in demand is congregated in an increase in demand for luxury apartments or luxury villas in Gurgaon is however unlikely, most such new employees who will begin to work at Gurgaon are likely to be well paid, the most highly remunerated of these workers may well be able to afford luxury villas or luxury apartments in Gurgaon however the bulk of these new workers are likely to be just that, workers, who will reside at affordable housing in Gurgaon. Almost certainly some of those who shall in the future work in Gurgaon are likely to be well paid as those working in the Millennium City are accustomed to and the money they earn will most likely be spent in Gurgaon on things such as groceries, entertainment, household goods and services, such expenses shall be disbursed among those who work in Gurgaon and the domino effect of such expenses from multiple households is likely to result in the purchase of less expensive flats and perhaps even mid segment apartments in Gurgaon.

When considering the recent news, it may be cautioned that the increased demand for commercial space may not necessarily be a net positive for Gurgaon as there is a likelihood that the net change in office space rentals in the city is declining or may have remained unchanged over the past few years due to commercial property in Gurgaon being abdicated over the past several years. However, this is an unlikely likelihood as the population of Gurgaon continues to grow and there are almost certainly more new offices in the city which are being occupied than are being let go, thus the news presents a bit of cheer to a property market which certainly needs some of the same.








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How to Buy Gurgaon Real Estate Property

Real estate in Gurgaon has emerged as a favorite location for real estate investors and has gained tremendous momentum in the recent past due to the burgeoning industrialization. Since the time many blue chip companies shifted their focus to Gurgaon and decided to set up their bases here, the demand of Gurgaon property started booming.  It also fueled the other developments in the city that boosted the further infrastructure. Today, the city boasts of an excellent social and physical infrastructure.  The city also has plethora of malls, shopping complexes, restaurants, clubs, hotels that add to the glam quotient of the city.  The city also hosts of some reputed colleges of engineering and management that pulls a significant students crowd. The city offers one of the best medical and healthcare facilities with a good number of big hospitals.


Captured below are some major hotspots of the city.

 Investing in sectors along Dwarka Expressway

On the off chance that you are searching for properties in parts along the road, then you are in the right direction. Dwarka Expressway is the biggest base speculation that has occurred in the NCR. The postponement in the advancement has set off purchasers and engineers. However, once it gets finished, properties along the interstate is normal take off the rack. Financial specialists and purchasers who have a long haul suitability are best to make a speculation. Once the Northern Periphery Road gets to be operational, properties in these parts will appreciate. In a matter of seconds, the social framework in these parts is absent.

Investing in South Gurgaon


Sohna Road makes connectivity easy in South Gurgaon. Though some pockets are congested, things are expected to improve in future. The presence of established schools and reputed developers spell the potential of South Gurgaon. According to the Gurgaon Master Plan, Golf Course Extension Road once complete will improve the connectivity. As a buyer, if you are working in the city, then the time seems just right for you to make investment.  “For people with lower budget – Rs 45 lakh, South Gurgaon’s certain pockets have many property offerings,” says Chatterjee.  He also mentioned, “You can expect approximate 20 per cent returns from an investment in Sohna Road.”


Investment in Badshahpur


Sufficient activities can be seen in Badshahpur as of now. Interest in these ventures additionally appears a smart thought, if you have a skyline of 3-4 years. In the event that you are agonized over movement clog, considering Sohna Road is achieving its most extreme limit, then there is uplifting news. As per the Master Plan, there will be substitute 60 meters width courses from Sohna interfacing these areas to the Golf Course Extension Road. The social fabric of the region is coming up and in the said holding up period, Badshahpur has the ability to transform into a built up area.


Gurgaon’s realty in a matter of seconds is end client driven. There can be no great time for a purchaser to possess a property in Gurgaon. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you have no desperate fiscal impulses and have the cash to bolt a property then the present business sector offers different choices – from reasonable too premium. Does the idea speak to you?top real estate website in Gurgaon

Proposed Infrastructure Projects Impact upon Property in Gurgaon

One of the possible ways property in Gurgaon may appreciate is through better connectivity with New Delhi and better connectivity within Gurgaon. Today hundreds of thousands of people commute to Gurgaon to work. This leads roads from Delhi to Gurgaon to become congested with traffic. If real estate in Gurgaon is to move up the value chain the suburb must enjoy better connectivity with New Delhi and provide an easier commute within Gurgaon. Already there are some positive signs for the revival of residential projects in Gurgaon among which is the increase the number of commercial properties that have been rented to businesses. A greater connectivity and smoother flow of traffic between Delhi and Gurgaon could likely further enhance the attractiveness of Gurgaon as a real estate destination.


A micro market of Gurgaon often referred to as New Gurgaon has a large number flats which remain unoccupied. Though many projects in Gurgaon at Sectors 75 to 80 (part of New Gurgaon) have been completed, buyers have been unable to move in due to the lack of roads in the region. Recent initiatives by the Haryana Urban Development Authority are aimed at rectifying the ills of New Gurgaon by making the locality better connected with Gurgaon and hence with all of NCR as well. It is estimated that the largest number of residential flats in Gurgaon are at Sectors 75 to 80 and better roads in the region are likely to lead to a significant increase in the value of properties here. Better roads at New Gurgaon shall also raise the regions livability index.


In the future there may be a metro link connecting Dwarka to Gurgaon, this is likely to be welcomed by the residents of Dwarka as well as those of the Millennium City. Greater connectivity between these two large and important residential regions shall certainly ease the burden of commuting to Gurgaon for the residents of Dwarka, a large proportion of who do so today daily by road. Residents of Dwarka who commute to Gurgaon today either do so by road or by taking a longer route via the Metro, direct metro connectivity shall save a great deal of time for many residents of Dwarka. The better connectivity between the regions is likely to have a positive impact upon property in Dwarka but its impact upon affordable and luxury apartments in Gurgaon may be more subdued.


A project expected to further boost the attractiveness of property in Gurgaon is a proposed connection with New Delhi via “Pod Taxis”. The project currently in early phases of feasibility shall be welcomed by both real estate developers in Gurgaon as well as by the residents of the city as it will provide better connectivity for residents of Gurgaon to North Delhi. Upon completion the project is expected to connect Gurgaon with Dhaula Kuan in Delhi via driverless pods suspended in the air on a ropeway. The greater connectivity of Delhi with Gurgaon is also likely to bring respite to a large number of travelers who arrive at IGI Airport and then travel to Delhi. As the project will connect Gurgaon with a region of Delhi currently only connected by a usually clogged NH8, it’s successful completion may likely result in an appreciation of the price of luxury as well as affordable housing in Gurgaon.

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Why Other Countries need to watch out for India’s Realty Sector

Real Estate in India is on the verge of unstoppable development and the new policies have made the market safer than ever. While there has been a slowdown in the activities of real estate over the past few years, the market has now found restoration with regulatory reforms. As prices are stabilizing, the year 2016 can prove out to be a beneficial time for buyers as well as developers. Before taking realty plunges again, developers are also making sure that they are investing at a time when the market is ready for the project. With these regulations and measures taken by developers in India, real estate is going to be an interesting marketplace to make decisions.


Slow and steady recovery

While there have been a handful of moments when real estate in India saw economic development, there have also been moments when it was shoved aside. Continuous competition and market penetration have made the realty sector more confusing for buyers in particular. Whenever there was an announcement of new projects, it got immediately scrapped due to certain reasons. However, with the present scenario, there are hopes for the market to perform well even with the other fellow competitors.


The real estate market is also expected to take a sharp turn from an investor-driven to an end-user driven circle. There are certain situations when customers are delaying their home-buying plans as they have been witnessing a tricky market condition as well. While the buyers figure out their preference, the commercial end of the market has picked up pace and there is now immense growth in this sector also.


There is no denying the fact that foreign investments have been driving the market of real estate in India but that is not the only reason, which will keep the money flowing. On the other hand, this is the time when builders need to tighten their grip on new projects and prevent any situation of unsold inventories that have happened in the past. There are plenty of reasons why realty sector was falling behind and one of them is the increasing number of incomplete projects. In order to improve old mistakes, builders have been investing their capital to offer affordable properties to consumers. Not just this, the discounts and offered earlier have also been improved so that it appears out to be beneficial for both the parties.


While everyone is talking about the Real Estate Bill and Housing for All by 2022, it is very important to note whether it would be able to fulfill the current demands of real estate sector in India. Knowing that the market has been tough and unpredictable, builders are in for a challenge. However, in the current situation it would not be wrong to quote that the government is doing its bit to promote real estate business in India. Driving by the demand of consumers, the expected market is going to showcase a number of new projects that are affordable and luxurious as well.


Once called the slum of real estate property, India is now counted among one of the most profitable markets in the world and without a doubt the time is right to invest!



The Rise and Fall of Real Estate in Gurgaon

Real estate is a tricky business and people investing in it need to do thorough research before making a big decision. Metropolitan cities in India are riding high on the success of real estate business since the past five years. One such city is Gurgaon, now also known as Gurugram, which has gained much criticism as well as appreciation for its continuous fluctuation in realty market. Big and high-rise buildings in the city are making it an appealing option among buyers who are planning to buy mostly luxury properties.


Although, real estate India is tough to handle, many of the new developers have been able to understand market needs and are building properties that suits both the parties. Due to the presence of some of the major multinational corporations such as HCL, Samsung, Deloitte and Accenture, Gurgaon’s real estate scenario picked up at a pace than never before. Government initiatives too play an important role while deciding the fate of real estate in India. Some of the reforms such as FDI, GST, economic growth and loan system have made a huge impact on the real estate market of Gurgaon as well.


Origin of Real Estate in Gurgaon

Not many of us are aware that this city is amongst a few of the metro cities that have started out real estate listings very soon. However, after this tremendous business, the city started fading out and started having unsold inventories, which in turn affected buyer’s decision. After all the roller coaster of real estate properties in Gurgaon, it picked up some speed and is now on the verge of becoming one of the most successful real estate cities in India. The reason that most of the companies have started shifting their headquarters to Gurgaon is enough for developers to make way for new projects. Along with that, commercial properties are becoming more in demand than ever due to advent of start-ups and new job opportunities.


What’s in Store for Future?

It is quite evident that once a village, Gurgaon has now become one of the most developed metro cities of India. Under Haryana’s Affordable Housing Policy of 2013, regulations are now being implemented by developers, which have increased the demand of new properties that are easy to buy. A huge setback for Gurgaon in terms of inventories has been the ones that remained unsold due to the Global depression between 2008 and 2010. This has resulted in the scrapping of new projects announced by builders due to liquidity of assets.


What started out as an experiment for Gurgaon, turned out to be the most beneficial deal for the city. With urbanization kicking in, it has become the most sought-after city that has skyscrapers and lush buildings to make people feel like they are living the life of their dreams. Hence, after such big hurricanes, it would be interesting to watch out the turnaround of this city in the sale of new as well as unsold inventories. In order to ensure this, supply has to be always in sync with the demand.




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