Under RERA, Little Respite for Buyers with Investments in Unfinished Property in India

Home buyers who had hoped that work on their delayed best property in India would be fast tracked thanks to the RERA may have reasons to be concerned. Experts feel that buyers who had purchased houses in projects on which work has stalled or stopped because of legal issues may not experience any benign impact due to the Real Estate Regulatory Act. Furthermore there may also be no relief to homebuyers who had been hoped to receive their home speedily post RERA led enforcement in cases where the builder responsible for the project had used up all the money designated for the project.

RERA’s Is Geared Towards the Future

The goal of the RERA may in fact be to make home buying in the future a more transparent and speedier process, it’s power to serve buyers who had invested in undelivered projects in the past is less visible. Due to disclosures about projects by promoters after RERA has come into force, buyers will be able to make more informed decisions.

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Promoters Have Option to Extend Completion Date

Under the RERA, promoters have the option to extend the date of ongoing projects while promoters register such projects. While the law requires that all ongoing projects must be registered with the state regulator before July 31, the law still empowers the builder to extend the deadline of the ongoing project while he registers the project with the state regulator.

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Under RERA Builders and Buyers to be Penalized Equally Concerning Property in India

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Regulator Cannot Penalize Builders of Property in India For Pre RERA Era Delay

The newly established Maharashtra State Regulators website has stated that while a promoter registers a project, the revised date of the projects completion must be provided. This revised date must correspond with the work that has thus far been completed on the project. Hence, realistically a project that is only week away from completion cannot ask for a revised completion date of several months or a year.

Experts have commented on real estate sites that by providing an extension date to promoters when they register their projects, promoters are in effect being granted a fresh extension on projects that are delayed or projects that are about to be delayed.

The Problem for Home Buyers

If a builders inaction has led to delays on a yet to be completed project; home buyers who seek action against such a builder using the RERA will discover that the RERA has no clause to help them deal with such a scenario. Additionally if builders have been unable to complete projects despite receiving funds from buyers for partially or fully completed units, under the RERA, builders are eligible to seek an extension on the project while they register the project.

In case buyers had hoped for a swift resolution to projects that had been delayed due to legal issues, they will be disappointed as the builders, under the RERA will have to disclose the status and delays on past projects in accordance with the RERA.


Home buyers who have thus far been suffering under the burden of EMI’s paid for delayed projects may not find an immediate respite due to the RERA. According to this property website, home buyers who have yet to receive ownership of fully or partially paid for homes may have no recourse but to approach the District, State, or National Consumer Forum to vent their grievances.

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Dual Benefits on Residential Property in India Thru Home Insurance

Real estate developers felt that residential property in India would have received an additional boost had the Repo Rate by the RBI dropped from the current rate of 6.25 basis points. The meeting that took place last month on Feb 8 was part of the sixth bimonthly monetary policy review of the RBI. Many stakeholders in India’s real estate sector had hoped that after the meeting the RBI members would announce a drop in the Repo Rate making home loans cheaper to households anxious to buy a new property in India.

How the Repo Rate Works?

A lower Repo Rate means that commercial banks across India are incentivized to lend to buyers more aggressively by lowering the interest rate charged for home loans, personal loans, and auto loans. Realestate in India is more affordable to finance when the repo rate is low. Since the Repo Rate is the rate at which commercial banks borrow capital from the RBI, a lower Repo Rate means that commercial banks are able to borrow money at lower rate from the RBI and this in effect is expected to incentivize them to lend to consumers at a lower rate as well.

Emerging Techniques to Lower EMI’s

Recently there has been a flutter of activity from the National Housing Bank and the Indian Institute of Insurance both of which together are creating instruments related to housing insurance which would lower the interest rate of EMI’s by fifty basis points (half of one percent) if homebuyers opted to insure their house upon purchasing the property. Buying property in India may become less expensive in the not too distant future.


Differentiation Between Loans

Home insurance is insurance that is bought to insure your home against natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, lightning, cyclones, or against damage inflicted upon a property due to terrorism or vandalism. Home Insurance is different from Home Loan Insurance in that Home Loan Insurance is paid to a bank upon the demise of a borrower who had been thus far been unable to pay the entire amount plus interest borrowed from a bank or financial institution. Many properties in India are already financed with Home Loan Insurance, yet Home Insurance is purchased less frequently in the country.


Methodology of Cheaper Loans

Properties in India constructed by builders will command a lower risk premium if homebuyers opt to purchase home insurance. Hence builders will eventually share the savings from lower risk premiums with homebuyers. From the perspective of those who buy insured property in India, while they will pay extra to buy home insurance, the cost of the loan they have taken from banks would fall and lead to greater savings than had they not undertaken to purchase home insurance. Real estate websites in India will allow consumers to calculate the savings they would earn on EMI’s by opting for home insurance.


5 things property investors expect in real estate websites

Online medium has reduced the gap between people. Now people can find a solution to their every requirement by just visiting a website and exploring it. real estate market has also got benefitted from it. Today’s tech-savvy property investors find real estate websites helpful. Whether it is the availability of a right property in the certain region of comparison of different options, online portals make the process extremely easy.

But in this highly competitive market, real estate companies can get an edge over others only by meeting visitor expectations. A property website that meets below mentioned expectations of property investors can only become an advanced yet impressive site.

Personalized services

No one has time to visit a website that provides generic details and makes property search really daunting task. Property search websites with personalized search options get an edge over other websites. Some websites have easy to fill forms to understand visitor requirements and generate personalized results.

Property Valuation

Just providing names and locations of the properties sold by different builders and investors is not enough for modern home buyers. They look for real estate sites with right property valuation to make a more informative decision.

Extensive Search

Certain websites in real estate market in India are just to list and search for properties, but many offer additional services to provide extensive property details. Most of the sites give access to the additional information only to the registered users and ask visitors to register on their realty website.

Property Comparison

Busy property investors find it really difficult to first make a list of available options and then comparing them on different aspects. Property sites with extensive search and comparison of real estate projects on different aspects, such as location, price, design, infrastructure, society etc. win hearts of investors.

Property astrology

To buy property in India, people are more concerned about the right dates and months then the ongoing market situation. Whether they want to buy a property or want to sell it, they first look at their stars before making the transaction. A website catering to this requirement gets more priority over other websites with nothing but property listing.

There are tons of benefits which real estate investors in India can enjoy by getting access to an advanced and user-friendly website. All you need is to find that website and make property investment hassle-free.


Real Estate Website

While having a real estate website is common among large players in the real estate sector, smaller business and even sole proprietorships benefit from having a real estate website. This is even truer in smaller towns and even villages where young college going students and those who are newly employed are as tech savvy as their peers in the countries metropolises. Hence for small proprietors having a well-run real estate website is crucial even if they have a business in tier 3 or tier 4 towns. Propchill helpline: 7827456456


property sites in India

The property sites in India are giving potential data about the most recent redesigns of the real estate. The real estate in India is developing rapid in the market. There is potential and most recent data accessible in the market. There are both prepared to-move-in and under development properties accessible in the market. The online market is making and giving potential data about the real estate apartments. Propchill helpline: 7827456456


Property in India

Property in India is growing and there is a huge potential of growth in the market. The top real estate application has data about the real estate market. The homebuyers can utilize this application to locate their favourite properties. There are different kinds of property available in the real estate market through the applications. Some best applications for getting properties are accessible in the market. The real estate application is helping the homebuyers in their purchasing movement. Propchill helpline: 7827456456

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Buying Property in India: How Statistics & Research Matter

Investing in a decent piece of land or real estate is a tough task in itself altogether as it involves tricky statistics. What’s more interesting in this situation is how developers are reacting on the overall supply and demand algorithm and what all they are doing to make current scenario worth investing for buyers. These points of consideration are making realty business a hard hitting reality, which is going to prove much more beneficial if handled with appropriate amount of attention. At this given point, the question stands at how and why government should get more involved so that there is more liquidity in resources as compared to the past five years. Hence, to understand more about it below are a few key points that explain how research and government’s role stands important in real estate business of India.

Research helps in eliminating factual errors

While developers are collecting valuable information for their upcoming projects, it is also essential for them to track down all the relevant key points before proceeding. This helps them get clarity about the location and its other characteristics such as pricing, accessibility of resources and close proximity to all the prime areas around. Therefore, conducting a proper research about a particular location within a city and taking decision accordingly has become the need of the hour not just for developers.

Improvement in government policies

Just as government is validating all the characteristics of a project or location, they also need information of developers to make sure that everything is going smoothly in the market. It is only after the regulatory bodies collect necessary data and statistics, they are able to make an informed decision regarding new reforms that are going to be introduced in near future. This also gives them an edge over the planning part as it is quite risky when it comes to listing down future possibilities in the market.

With the help of above mentioned factors, it is now easier to figure out the future of real estate in India and how this business is going to impact day to day decisions of developers. Apart from being a tricky market in itself, this industry is spreading out to become a multimillion one with the help of appropriate resources at the correct place and time. In realty business, it is all about understanding the current need and acting upon it and this stands absolutely true for developers who are working to cater the needs of everyday buyers.

Hence, to summarize the above points, one must say that real estate is becoming a blooming market that is also on its verge to make India a fully fledged country when it comes to buying property. Not only developers, it is also a buyer’s responsibility to ensure that they are also contributing enough to maintain a valid ecosystem in the country. These factors are the stepping stones for the entire real estate value chain as it helps in materializing more inputs from each segment of the current market. Therefore, in order to make sure that India is developing statistically, it is also crucial to carry out different tasks to accomplish that.top-property-website-in-india