Property in India Not Yet Punching According to Its Weight

Property in India has far more room to grow if the latest findings from one of the top global real estate services firm are correct. Recent findings have revealed that Indian cities have yet to catch up with cities in the west when it comes to intensity of investment. The latest investment intensity index has found that cities in Asia have a long way to go until they catch up in investment intensity to cities in the developed world.


What is Investment Intensity

The investment intensity index calculates over a three-year period, how much direct commercial investment has been made in a city and the relation of this capital to the size of the city’s economy. If recent findings are any indicator, then cities in India have a very bright future ahead since the direct commercial investment in Indian cities is far lower than in cities in the west leaving a large scope for growth. Realestate in India has good things ahead since eventually the direct commercial investment into Indian cities will rival that in western cities. Indian cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, and others will gradually take the form of cities in developed countries, evidence of this is visible in pockets of many Indian cities today. Essentially what the recent report has revealed is that Indian cities have a lot of room to attract capital in the future.

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The Latest on Real Estate in India Within Smart Cities

Real Estate Property In India

Super Luxury Homes Not Sold on Best Real Estate Websites in India

Hindrances to Attracting Capital

Global real estate
investors are trying to diversify their portfolio and over fifty percent of the new global office pipeline is in emerging countries. When there is greater money invested into office space, the demand for real estate in India is also expected to rise. What is required from the authorities in charge of Indian cities is providing investors with greater transparency and to build robust financial platforms from which to attract global investors. What is creating problems for Indian cities is that they are semi-transparent markets despite being among the world’s fastest growing city economies. Real estate sites in the future can benefit from a larger collection of listings on their websites. Till date Indian cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi are not attracting direct commercial real estate investment comparable to their size, once such cities have greater transparency, they should attract more investment.  Once greater transparency is found in Indian cities they will begin to punch according to their weight and some of the best real estate in India will benefit from greater investment in India cities.


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