Real Estate Sites Ranks 4 Indian Cities Among Most Unliveable in the World

According to one of the top real estate sites in the world, Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, and Mumbai are ranked among the most unlivable cities in the world. All four cities are also ranked as being among the ten cheapest cities in the world to live in, although according to the rankings, the cheapest city in which to live in the world is in Kazakhstan.

Ranking Doesn’t Matter

The rankings by such real estate sites may not make much difference in the lives of those who live in the cities that have been ranked. For citizens of Mumbai, being ranked among the top ten or the bottom ten doesn’t make much difference in the day to day life of someone who lives in Mumbai. For example, if Mumbai were ranked higher it would not automatically change the living conditions of the residents of Mumbai. The city of Mumbai would remain the same regardless of where it is ranked. The same of course is true for all Indian cities that were ranked by this property website.

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The Pressing Need for More Property Websites in India


How Can EPFO Help You Buy A Budget Home In India


Property in India Earns Low Rental Yields and Is Overvalued



Does Ranking First Matter?

This real estate website has ranked Singapore as the most expensive in the world. While the property website does not explicitly state so, Singapore is also among the most liveable in the world. However even being ranked among the most expensive or liveable in the world does not make much difference in the lives of those who live in Singapore. The ranking of cities is not the cause of the ranking, rather the cause of the ranking is the quality of life the citizens of the city enjoy.

Living in Indian Cities

Sociologists who have carried out detailed studies all across the world have found that the poorest and least well off are among the happiest in the world. The slums of Kolkata house some of the happiest people on the planet according to a study by a respected western sociologist. At the same time, many who own some of the best real estate in India suffer from chronic depression. The causality between happiness and wealth is not linear, more money does not automatically make someone happier. Globally, it has been found that annual earnings beyond eighteen lakh rupees do little to increase happiness in people. It should therefore not come as a surprise that poor Indian’s are among the happiest people in the world while extremely wealthy Scandinavians commit record number of suicides during the festive season.



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